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R&B Canok was born in 1997 with the different experiences gained by twin sisters Rana and Berna in the field of textile and sculpture.

They created their designs with their own drawings by giving particular importance to light, color, form, movement, pattern and texture. When the materials and technical solutions they learned from different departments were added to this process, they acquired a new dimension to their designs.

They have found their energetic, exciting and funny characters in the LED light designs they designed.

Nowadays, they aim to bring the heroes of their dreams together with their brand new stories accompanied by light and colors to their audiences.

R&B Canok began his journey with his atelier drawings, the kid who resides within himself with his designs; they believe they may help people feel sentiments of serenity, happiness, sincerity, enthusiasm, curiosity, excitement, and freedom via their designs.

They strive to see smiles on the faces of those who are warm and close to their own souls while designing their designs, because they can appeal to all ages and genders.

In all its truth…

At the same time, we also design sculptures made of wood and marble by reconstructing the materials we use when we enjoy the designs we produce.

With our brand new designs, we hope we will welcome all art enthusiasts who value diversity and innovation in all aspects of life.

Rana and Berna Canok were born in Istanbul. They graduated from The Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University, Textile & Sculpture Departments. The Canoks created their personal brand in 1994 and for the last 23 years, they have been working on their art career.

Through their collections, they have proved their abilities in building relations amongst the concepts, attributing visual meanings and symbols to this, expressing the main message by using a visual language and aesthetic availability in every field.

The Canok sisters direct their designs with the motto of "The form is the element that empowers the collection." and they foreground the power in the core of the energy for the colour integrity. They also put design and visual art together.

They aim to make art lovers think through the 3D designs of their painting and sculpture combinations.







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