Rana and Berna Canok were born in İstanbul in 1972. They graduated from The Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University, Textile & Sculpture Departments. The Canoks created their personal brand in 1994 and for the last 23 years, they have been working on their art career.
Through their collections, they have proved their abilities in building relations amongst the concepts, attributing visual meanings and symbols to this, expressing the main message by using a visual language and aesthetic availability in every field.
The Canok sisters direct their designs with the motto of "The form is the element that empowers the collection." and they foreground the power in the core of the energy for the colour integrity. They also put design and visual art together.
They aim to make art lovers think through the 3D designs of their painting and sculpture combinations.​



The forms of Berna Canok's figurative sculptures are composed of ballerinas that exhibit a dinamic and upright posture. The courageous collaboration of light over the forms virtually dancein the bronze sculptures. 

The artistshares her passion for ballet through her collection.  


Berna Canok


Began her sculpturing career in 92atM.S.Ü.  She has made stone, wood, metal and abstract sculptures. She completed her education with the SakıpSabancıPrize. Has attended many mixed exhibitions. 

After her graduation she has provided painting and sculpture education for children at the atelier she established named Artölye.

Established their own brand called R&B Canok with her sister in 2010. 

Still carries on indoor and outdoor sculpture designs besides her personal sculptures. 

1992-94  M.S.U Fındıklı Park Exhibition 

1992  Yunus Emre Culture Center Young Sculptors Exhibition 

1995  Istanbul Vakko Bronze Exhibition 

1995  Izmit Municipality Young Artists Exhibition 

1996  Çatalca Municipality Mixed Exhibition 

1997  Akbank Art Gallery, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara Vakko Bronze Exhibition 

1997  M.S.U Department of Sculpture Sakıp Sabancı Prize 

1998  Almelek Art Gallery 

2015  Yeşilköy 2001 College Personal Exhibition 

2018  Lebriz Art Gallery Personal Exhibition 

2018  Saint Pulcherie Young Artists Mixed Exhibition 


The sculpturing career which has carried on ever since 92 shall always continue this way! 









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